Who is behind Jezeroc?

This is Snehan and Chris, the founders of Jezeroc. Along with two other friends, they are working to bring you the perfect product to induce a productive and healthy lifestyle.  

They met in the gym and both shared the opinion that it is important to live a healthy life, not only in the gym but also through work and that is the inspiration.

Why Jezeroc

Today’s workers and students spend much of their day in a seated position. On top of being overwhelmed by challenging workloads and tight deadlines, they are greatly affected by poor body postures while seated. While it may be relaxing to sit, it puts stress on the muscles of their backs and necks. Prolonged sitting leads to slouching that can cause the spinal ligaments to stretch beyond their healthy limit, and poor posture can strain spinal discs. In addition, while sitting, they are often working on a computer or writing at desks that results in a forward head, rounded shoulder posture - aka “poor posture syndrome.” 

These people are seeking advice on how to retain focus and motivation while nurturing their physical health. Although there have been refinements in organizational initiatives that promote flexibility for such people, and advancements in their lifestyle and devices such as laptops, tablets, wellbeing gadgets, software applications and mobile apps etc., there is a lack of development concerning the user's wellbeing and recovery, through their seating solutions. We found a great deal of potential in making an innovative design of office/study chairs that will solve the problem for millions around the world.

A significant need for these people is to preserve their ability to be focused, to boost their motivation and a body posture that protects their spine from extended sedentary working. Through our design, we can help people achieve higher levels of productivity, comfort and recovery while working and studying. The results are gains in overall efficiency, academic and business outcomes.

In the last few decades the global mass involving desk-based occupational workers and student population has multiplied enormously. Technological developments in all the fronts have confined our scope of work and study to little screens and buttons, making us progressively sedentary. According to the International Labour Organization, as of 2020 there are more than 1 billion people that account to work or study in a seated position. This number may seem astronomical, but in reality, the time people spend in a sedentary position has just begun to grow. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend towards remote work from home was turbocharged overnight in March 2020. Suddenly, remote work wasn’t just a nice option for some, but a necessity for all. Besides that, new devices and digital innovations have flooded the market, encouraging people to work and study while seated more than ever, making a worldwide retail opportunity for desk based users.